Uber  Eases Access to Platform with New App


Transportation Network Company, Uber has launched a new app called ‘Uber Lite’ , to enhance its accessibility.

According to the company, ‘Uber Lite’, which is termed: the new, lighter way to Uber, is a reimagined app that saves space, works in limited network and compatible with any and android phone.

Speaking on the innovation,  General Manager (GM) for Uber  in West Africa,  Lola Kassim, stated that the new app was a product of consumers research on how to improve their experience on the platform.

“It is a  redesigned Uber app, that will use less storage space and quicker in connectivity when booking rides.

“We believe that anyone, anywhere should be able to get a ride and after in-depth research, users  expressed a need for a lighter app, which uses less data and requires less storage space. 

Thus, I’m pleased to announce Uber Lite, which we believe will provide broad access to the platform while creating greater opportunity for everyone.

“Uber Lite retains the core functionality of the rider app, has in-app support, and includes critical safety features such as ‘Trusted Contacts’ ; a feature that allows riders to share their trips with about five friends and family and driver profiles, allowing riders to identify their driver and their vehicles before they get in,” the GM added.