Why Is APC Upset over Extra Polls?

Adams Oshiomhole

A news report in the week had it that the leaders of the APC were not happy that President Muhammadu Buhari didn’t pull his weight in the lead up to yesterday’s supplementary polls in some parts of the country and those slated for other dates. Simply put, they intended for the president to help them rig the polls and this, the president’s spokesperson, Sheu Garba also confirmed.

Unfortunately, this came at a time even Buhari too has had his plate full. His election is still under the greatest scrutiny of all time, with eye-popping evidence of monumental rigging and manipulation staring all in the face. Perhaps, it would be one crime too many to have shouldered their own burden in addition to the one he is yet to shed.

But talking seriously, what were the governors thinking? Do they mean because they helped to manipulate and rig Buhari’s election, he owed them too? This is what it is anyway. Reports from the governorship and house of assembly elections showed high apathy, yet, the elections produced more votes than the presidential during, which witnessed huge turnout. That the nation’s electoral system ails and in bad shape is not in doubt; the problem is if the political class is willing to have it cured of its infirmities.