Doorstep Dispatch Services Firm Unveiled.

Peter Uzoho

Doorstep Dispatch Services, a mobile app- driven platform for a seamless delivery of meals and parcels to customers upon request, has launched its operation.

The dual service app which is currently available on Google Playstore and IOS Store seeks to surmount long delays people go through on traffic when going to eat at restaurants or pick-up parcels, by placing orders and tracking the delivery process using their mobile phones.

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony in Lagos recently, the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Doorstep, Mr. Justin Eneonye, said the platform was created out of his desire to make a change in Nigeria using technology.

Eneonye said: “I consider myself an enthusiastic person who gets fired up by solving problems using creative ways and I can tell you that for the past couple of months nothing has gotten me more excited than creating this product, delivering it and letting you know how to enjoy it.

“It’s a simple mobile application which revolutionises the way people order take-out food in restaurants such that if you live in Ikoyi, and you want to have a taste of Iwa cum sandwich from the new Ikeja Restaurant, Doorstep will deliver it to you at your door step.
“While similar food apps like this may exist, we believe Doorstep has the most user friendly interface. One of our favourite features is the ability to track the order in real-time including process time and delivery time.”

He said the company was into partnership with over 50 quality restaurants in Lagos, and that Doorstep’s major target market cut across all Lagosians irrespective of class.

Explaining measures adopted by the company to guarantee safety of customers, he said: “We created a seal that covers every meal, and then we have an inscription on it which says: if this seal is broken, please inspect the order before accepting, or you reject the order. And then, for our riders, we’ve trained them for a very long time according to our core values, which is ‘Our Customers’ Satisfaction.’

“And because our delivery boxes are well-insulated, food brought from the restaurants hot, will get to the buyer in the same temperature regardless of the distance.”

He also provided a guide on the use of the app: “Very easy steps; you download the mobile app. You can find it in Google Playstore or IOS Store. You download the mobile app, register, find a list of all your favourite restaurants; you order, track and receive.

“And then, for the parcel delivery side, you open the parcel delivery app, you see your pick-up location and your track location, you send it and that’s it.”

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