APC Caucus Meeting Ploy to Sack INEC Chairman, Opposition Parties Allege


Udora Orizu in Abuja

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has described yesterday’s meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC) a plot to formalise an alleged planned bloody commotion, give room for writing of fake results, sack the Chairman of the Independent National

Electoral Commission (INEC) and fine-tune processes for the emergence of an interim government.

CUPP spokesperson, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, who issued a press statement in Abuja, alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari was working towards establishing an interim government.

According to him, “events in the last few days have again vindicated us and for the first time in Nigeria’s history a sitting government deliberately scuttled the holding of elections by sabotaging the processes. The move to sack the INEC Chairman for standing by the people and not succumbing to Presidency pressure to conduct staggered presidential elections is what has irked the APC the most.”

“The ranting of the APC chairman in calling for the head of the INEC leadership speaks volumes when it is obvious and as irrefutable facts have shown that the government was responsible for the sabotage, which INEC suffered and which eventually led to the postponement of the elections,” CUPP said.

He stated that the fear of imminent defeat staring at the face of APC members was the only reason for such a panicky meeting, adding that the reason was not lost on Nigerians.

“They have gathered to develop as they usually do, evil plans to undermine the people and distort their will. They have just succeeded in heating up the polity and we urge Nigerians to remain calm, not be distracted and not to be taken in by the grandstanding and usual

boastful antics of Oshiomhole for behind all that façade are inherent evil, mischief and unbridled avarice,” he added.

Ugochinyere explained that the live coverage of the caucus meeting was meant to achieve a dual purpose, adding that,” first was to give impetus to all APC thugs that since the President endorsed all the shenanigans of the ruling party, that they should go on rampage and

also to give instructions to security forces publicly to execute any citizen who tries to stop the rigging machine jointly being executed by the military.”

Speaking further, he lamented that the president was unambiguous in his call that citizens should be shot dead extra judicially if they ever tried to stop the security forces from rigging the elections.

He said: “That is the most callous public statement ever by a Nigerian president. It must be condemned by all well-meaning citizens and the international community. President Buhari must be held personally responsible for the loss of any lives due to the instructions he has given

to the security forces.”

“The so called caucus meeting of the APC is a meeting of desperadoes gripped by the fear of imminent defeat and it can only be likened to the last futile kicks of a dying horse which cannot save it. Nigerians have resolved to send this government packing and make Nigeria work again,” he added.