Sonnie Ekwowusi argues that the president has not done enough to be rewarded with a second term

To reaffirm that President Muhammadu Buhari lacks the soundness of mind and body (as stipulated in section 137(2) (b) of the 1999 Constitution) to seek a re-election is an understatement. It is a fact requiring no proof. To wax stronger in the aforesaid reaffirmation is not an expression of anti-APC sentiments. But the bitterness ingrained in the truth does not alter the truth. Take another studied look at President Buhari.

Does he appear as someone who can rule Nigeria for another four years? Of course, the objective and apolitical answer is NO. Nigerians who have been watching Buhari goofing at various political campaigns continue to testify that the man is physically, psychologically, mentally drained. Last Saturday Buhari visited Lagos. Many who saw him said that he may not be physically fit to govern Nigeria in the next four years if he returns to power.

Apart from the undisclosed ailment which forced Buhari to make frequent trips to London for medical treatment, it is obvious to all that Buhari is suffering from amnesia. Whenever the man wants to say one thing another thing comes out from his mouth. The Buhari of 2015 you know is not the Buhari of 2019. Buhari of 2015 was sharp. Not anymore. That was perhaps why they did not allow him to participate in any political debate.

At the moment Buhari is very forgettable. On January 17, 2018 Buhari’s reasoning processes failed him three times at the APC public gathering in Warri, Delta State. But I won’t go into details. On January 30 Buhari committed another blunder at the U J Esuene Stadium, Calabar, mistaking Senator Ndoma-Egba for Senator John Owan-Enoh. If you want any political appointment just go closer to President Buhari and he would raise up your hands and give you one. Shortly before the arrival of Buhari to Lagos last weekend, someone jokingly posted the following on our WhatsApp Group: “I need to attend Lagos APC mega rally and get close to Buhari. Who knows, he might just raise my hands as the Governor of CBN”.

Yet Buhari claims that he would take Nigeria to the “next level” if re-elected. Which “next level”? A vote for Buhari on Saturday is a vote for the cabals who are controlling him and taking decisions on his behalf. Buhari’s wife Aisha has been raising the alarm that the cabals have since shoved Buhari aside and are now ruling in his stead.

Buhari’s illness is not even allowing him to remember the date he came to power. At the Ekiti rally on February 5, 2018 Buhari said that he came to power in 2005 instead of 2015. Buhari does not recognize his immediate environment any longer. Just last week Buhari introduced the APC senatorial candidate in Ondo State in this way: “Well I have to raise the hand of the senatorial candidate (in) Edo Central.”

Besides, the Fulani herdsmen killings have been blamed on Buhari. Buhari is the grand patron of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN). Miyetti Allah is a government within the Buhari government. Miyetti Allah is above the law. Miyetti Allah thirsts for human blood. It has directed that no state in Nigeria has a right to enact anti-grazing law. Despite the fact that it admitted responsibility for the massacre of more than 200 indigenes of Benue State, President Buhari has refused to proscribe the group.

Till date, no Miyetti Allah or Fulani herdsman has been tried and convicted in court, whereas Christians accused of killing some herders have been convicted and jailed. At the moment the Fulani herdsmen are on recess because of the 2019 elections. After the elections they would resume their merciless killings. Mind you, Miyetti Allah has endorsed their patron Buhari for second term. So, If Buhari happens to win the Presidential election the Fulani herdsmen will kill more Nigerians and forcefully occupy more land. Therefore a vote for Buhari on Saturday is a vote for Miyetti Allah.

More importantly, Buhari has become a full-brown dictator. So, he should be voted out of power on Saturday. Under Buhari’s watch, the APC federal government has been converted into an instrument for perpetuation of illegality and fraud. For instance, reflect again on how Buhari purportedly suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria Walter Onnoghen. One weekend some charges were concocted against Onnoghen and he was to be arraigned before the CCT Chair Danladi Umar on Monday.

At the CCT on that fateful day, Onnoghen lawyers challenged the jurisdiction of the CCT to try Onnoghen. Consequently Umar assured Onnoghen’s lawyers in open court that he would not entertain any ex-parte application praying for suspension of Onnoghen and that instead he was adjourning for Monday, January 28, to hear Onnoghen lawyers’ application on jurisdiction. With that assurance, Onnoghen lawyers left the court. But unknown to them, Umar was adjourning in order to secretly go somewhere and forge an ex-parte order purportedly suspending Onnoghen. After forging the ex-parte order Umar forwarded it to Buhari who relied on it in announcing to the whole world that he had suspended Onnoghen. Is this not a large-scale fraud? The answer is yes. Nigerians cannot afford to give President Buhari four more years.