El-Rufai’s Reckless Indulgence!

Nasir El-Rufa

Just when you thought that with age and responsibility, people should increase in wisdom and also improve their disposition to certain things of life, the reverse appears the case with the Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, whose increasing penchant for reckless, uncouth and irresponsible utterances is comparable to none.

It is, of course, not far-fetched that el-Rufai has grown to become this much a menace to self and his environ. He has been indulged over time for one reason or the other, thus unable to draw the lines or espouse decent exposure at certain points in his sojourn in life. To say that his statement on the election is highly unstatesmanly is to assume el-Rufai is by any stretch of the imagination a statesman in the first place.

That he is not even close to the ideals he pretends to propagate is the very reason no one should take his ilk seriously. Otherwise how does anyone explain a sitting governor, not by sheer insinuation but through candid and express statement, instigating the killing of foreigners, because of an election? El-Rufai is definitely not the kind of leader for the future and even worse are those struggling to rationalise that twaddle!