NAHCO MD Assures Investors of Better Services, Returns


Goddy Egene

The Managing Director, Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) Plc, Mrs. Olatokunbo Fagbemi, has assured investors and stakeholders that the firm will sustain its positive performance, deliver better services and higher returns to shareholders going forward.

Fagbemi, gave this assurance during a visit of the company’s board of directors and management to the NSE last week, to perform the closing gong ceremony.

According to her, NAHCO would build on existing advantages and open up new opportunities to sustain impressive growths in the years ahead.

 “My top priority is very simple, it is to get everything right because when we get everything right for the customer and we deliver the right kind of service, then we get the right kind of income that can trickle down to profit and it is from the profit that we are going to be able to pay the right kind of dividend,” Fagbemi said.

She said going forward, the company would enhance its processes to create an enviable place to work in and ensure it operates in line with international standards.

 “A lot of work has been done in the past, what I will do is to build on what is there, the areas where there are gaps, my priority will be to close those gaps and ensure that we deliver services in a safe and secured manner,” Fagbemi said.

She said the company would invest in human capacity and technologies to ensure that the company continuously has the requisite people with the right knowledge and the right processes to deliver world-class services in line with ICAO and IATA standards.

“What we are going to do is put into our people the right kind of knowledge, the right kind of vision and passion that drives everybody to excel. Because even if we put in the best systems, we have the best facilities, we have the best equipment, if we don’t get the people right, it is going to be a waste,” Fagbemi said.

Speaking to the performance of the company in the third quarter, she said the company was implementing policies that would ensure the sustenance of the growth  irrespective of the challenges in the economy.

 “We have strategies in place and that’s why we are taking early decisions already. We started last year, we invested in equipment and we are going to do more so that we don’t wait to run out of equipment before we run around. We are also refreshing our facilities so we are not going to wait until everything falls apart before we put it together,” Fagbemi said.