Chi Acquisition: Coca Cola Assures Stakeholders of Sustainability


By Raheem Akingbolu

Few days after the acquisition of Chi Limited from TGI Group by Coca-Cola Company, stakeholders, especially consumers of the former have been assured that the quality of the various products on the stable of the Chi brand will not only be sustained, but be taken a notch higher by the new owners.

Briefing journalists in Lagos at the weekend, President, Coca-cola West Africa, Peter Njonjo, said the Group was committed to extend the frontiers of the Chi brand beyond its presence markets and open it to the global market. He has also disclosed that consumers of the Chi brand should be rest assured that their favourite products would be offered better under the new regime.

“By coming in, Coca-Cola’s mission is not to effect any fundamental change but to build on the existing works on the various products.

“I can assure consumers that under the Coca-Cola Group, the existing products will be taken to the world. Besides, the quality will not also be tampered with rather, more value will be added.

“We will support the Chi management team in building on the company’s remarkable heritage and achievements while using the scale of the Coca-Cola system to replicate their success in more markets across Africa.

“Coca-Cola is continuing to evolve as a total beverage company, and Chi’s diverse range of beverages perfectly complements our existing portfolio, enabling us to accelerate expansion into new categories and grow our business in Africa,” he stated.

Chi currently produces its Chi Exotic juices, Caprisonne and Hollandia Yogurt.

While Njonjo was revealing the reasons for the acquisition, he said Chi Limited like Coca-Cola was a beverage company and it complements the existing portfolio of the company, which he said would aid the acceleration of the expansion of the Chi products into the global market.

He said “The acquisition is a testament to the commitment of the company being a total beverage company, and the desire to grow the Chi products into a global billion dollar brands, that will meet the needs of the customers satisfactorily.”

According to him, Chi Limited would continue to operate as an independent company with no interference from Coca-Cola, but would build the company in a way that would make it experience wider range of products distribution internationally.

“We will not tamper with the brand in any form, the management of the Chi Limited will operate as before but rather we will grow both the Chi and the Hollandia units of the products and support Chi management team in building on the company’s remarkable heritage and achievement, while using the coca-cola system to replicate their success in more markets across Africa,” he added.