Osadolor Asemota: I Followed My Passion By Switching to the Entertainment Industry


Osadolor Nate Asemota popularly known as Dr. Dolor is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Dr. Dolor Entertainment (DDE), a record label and music distribution company. The 38-year-old who started his career working with top telecommunication companies in Nigeria has been on top of his game ever since. The father of four explains to Azuka Ogujiuba, how he handles his home front and businesses, his vision for DDE and more

Who is Osadolor Asemota? 

I am a small boy from Benin City. I grew up in Benin City that’s where I also schooled, studied mathematics and economics, had a strong background in consulting and business development and now I am in the entertainment space. So, I am just an entrepreneur trying to grow a business and a brand for the whole world to see and appreciate. I am blessed with three boys – Jesse, Jethro and Jed – and recently God blessed me with a daughter Janelle. I have an amazing wife who is always supporting me and I am so blessed for having someone as wonderful as her.


Any indelible memory while growing up?  

The memory of my mum walking me to school as a young lad sticks on my head and her departure from this mother earth on June 12, 2006 hits my feelings anytime I think about it.


How did you come about Dr. Dolor?

Back in my university days, I used to have conversations with my friends on how Ben Carson’s books inspired me, trying to explain what goes down in the book with so much passion. Hence my friends started calling me Dr. Dolor. So, that’s how the name Dr. Dolor came into being.

What influenced your choice of music business and why did you leave Telecommunications?

Basically it wasn’t about the job. Of course, I was enjoying what I was doing in telecommunications but I knew I had passion for other things which is music and entertainment. I enjoy the entertainment industry, especially when I see young talents climbing the ladder and achieving so much from nothing. I was in the telecommunications industry for about nine to 10 years and I decided I needed to do something new and fresh. I had to follow my passion, because, eventually, that is what life is about, that is finding happiness and I must say doing music has been very fulfilling.


How do you identify a good and promising artiste?

I have the eye for talent but if you come to me as an artiste, I just don’t look for talent alone. There has to be a balance and your attitude towards work is important. Your personality and your relationship with people around you because you are coming into an industry where we have culture, traditions. So, you can’t come and say alone your talent can do it. 


What was your engagement with your new act, Teni. How did she get into your record label?

Okay for Teni, a friend told me about her. I didn’t really know about her then.  I saw a video of her on Instagram; so I told my friend I wasn’t interested in blowing any other artiste that I was focusing on the ones we have. So, that same evening, I took a look at her Instagram page and found out that she was truly talented. She was not just an artiste; she was engaging her followers and fans and that got my attention; that means she is an entertainer. So, I decided I was going to work with her. I told her to send her stuff then the rest is history. We met in Atlanta and signed the contract. Currently, I have three artiste – Ryan, Teni and Vanilla Lu.



Apart from Teni being comical, what other things does she do?

First of all, Teni is very natural and she just loves being herself and her attitude to work is appealing. She does not play with food and sleep and also she knows where she is going to; she has a vision and very focus.

What’s your view on the increasing contract breach between artistes and label owners?

There has to be an understanding between both parties. Like I said earlier, business is a win win situation once both parties reach a conclusion. When Teni was coming on board, the first thing I asked her was ‘what do you want from me’.  She said she doesn’t want anyone to turn her to a writer. So, we unanimously agreed on what we both wanted for ourselves. I think the key to having a successful relationship with your artiste is communication. It is like a relationship, there will be misunderstanding, but if you are both sincere with each other, then everything will work fine.


How do you spend your leisure time?

I love to travel a lot. I have a goal to visit 40 countries before I turn 40 and I must say I am close to hitting that mark. When I am not travelling, I like to play table tennis or hang out with my family.


If you are to go on a luxurious trip for days, what are the things you would take along?

Of course, I will take myself, my working equipment and my wife and kids if the opportunity comes – family first.


Which female celebrity is a complete woman to you?

I will say Simi because she mixes and masters her own songs by herself and she is one of the few people in the industry we don’t hear scandals about. She produces and writes her songs by herself. My yard stick for measuring her in this case is basically work ethic. As for the international scene, I will say it’s Jada Pinkette smith. 

If you had an opportunity to have a dinner with a business mogul, who would you like to have it with? 

Well I am a serial entrepreneur and I love to work hard and I also love to play. So, I will say Otedola because he is a very successful businessman, a family man and he works hard and also knows how to have a good time.