IREP Documentary Film Festival Set for March…


Yinka Olatunbosun

From March 21 till 29, 2019, the annual documentary film feast will be served at the cultural hub, Freedom Park, Lagos and the Nigerian Film Corporation, Ikoyi as movie buffs binge on movies made to enlighten and inform.

With the theme, “Storylines’’, this edition hinges of the ability to construct and reconstruct stories.

No doubt, the interference of social media has changed the dynamics of storytelling tradition, posing a serious challenge to the traditional story form.

Alongside deep conversations, IREP film festival will rouse discourse on how people have attempted to tell their stories without compromising the truth.

This 2019 edition is conceived on the traditional framework of Africa in self-conversation as the theme arises from current realities about imagery and perspectives. Over 30 international films will be featured.