Not Yet Uhuru…Why Biola Okoya, Fifi Ejindu are Still Sworn Enemies

Biola Okoya

Biola Okoya

In every parting, there is a spectacle of death and in treachery, a spectre of comradeship gone sour; hence when two friends go their separate ways, they drift like tramps having no conscious sympathy or loyalty to all the things that bound them. Unyielding and rigidly detached like a walkway of screed stone, the bitter feud between two former friends – Biola Okoya and Fifi Ejindu – has evoked series of questionable rhetoric.

Could their quarrel be attributed to petty rivalry or over-priced ego? No tangible answers have been found to these salient questions even by the closest friends and confidants of the former bosom friends. Among their inner circles, there are still concerted efforts to resolve the crisis that has polarised two otherwise very good friends, Biola Okoya and Abuja-based successful architect, Fifi Ejindu. Ironically, a lot of these friends do not even have the full details of what actually transpired between Fifi and Biola. Both were very good friends who did a lot of things together.

When Fifi celebrated her fairytale 50th birthday party in Dubai years ago, Biola was conspicuously present and active at the party. She even came with her own select, classy crowd just to lend support to her dear friend. She was equally everywhere ensuring that Fifi looked good at every point in time while looking out for the comfort of their guests. Similarly, at Fifi’s African Fashion banquet in London in 2013, Biola was also very present. Besides these, they have been sighted together at different events.

It has come as a surprise therefore that these two confidantes could ever part ways. Yet, none of them is ready to talk about the genesis of the problem making it hard to proffer solutions. Fifi is the Chief Executive Officer of Building Support Systems, BSS, and Principal Partner, Starcrest Associates, an Abuja-based architectural firm. To say that she has done immensely well for herself in the building and construction industry would be akin to saying that the sun rises from the east. In that sector, across Nigeria and beyond, Fifi has carved a niche that transcends her true persona, emerging as one of the best architects in the country, with jobs in virtually every urban district in the capital city. Party-loving Biola, on the other hand, is one of the children of billionaire industrialist, Alhaji Rasaq Akanni Okoya of the Eleganza fame. A mother of two, she used to be married to Akinwande Johnson, a businessman.

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