How Much is Your PVC Worth?


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) said days ago that it had it on authority certain political actors were going round buying Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs), and also financially inducing prospective voters to collect the Voter Identification Numbers (VIN) on their PVCs. This is just some 26 days to the general-election and after admitting that vote-buying constitutes a huge threat to credible, free and fair elections.

Like the typical armed robbers, who are always ahead of the police, the Nigerian politicians appear to be ahead of the INEC and the electorate hence they are constantly coming up with ideas on how to edge out one another at the poll. But definitely, vote-buying through the acquisition of PVCs must be contained. It is criminal, illegal and unpatriotic.

Perhaps, the electorate must have to ask the right questions when approached by the desperate politicians seeking to buy their PVCs. They must realise the only power they have over and above “these killers of destiny” is that one vote with inherent power to change destinies. How much is your PVC worth? Curiously, it cannot be cost when put to good use. But if you put it up for grabs, it is worthless and unable to sustain the owner for a day. Think voter, your PVC could change your life.