Twitter Users Slam Buhari over Performance at Town hall Meeting

Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

By Vanessa Obioha

Nigerians took to Twitter Wednesday night to air their views on the interactive session with All Progressives Congress Presidential and Vice presidential candidates, President Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo, with most of the tweets slamming the president for poor performance at the session.

While many of the tweets noted that the President had difficulty understanding the questions asked by Kadaria Ahmed, the host of the Town hall meeting, several tweets also noted that he was not coherent in his response to questions.

See reactions of Nigerians on twitter below:

President Muhammadu Buhari is the most empty and incoherent President our country has ever produced. May we never go lower #NGCandidates


But can @toluogunlesi, @ogundamisi and the others beat their chest and be proud watching Buhari speak at the #NgCandidates. As enlighten they suppose to be, are they really proud to have a Buhari has a President? Just a candid question. Thank you


Buhari will start to answer a question and you’ll forget what the question was by the time he’s half way into his answer. #NGCandidates


I am scared they might make @ProfOsinbajo Minister of Defence as he is a pro at defending president @MBuhari #NGCandidates.


Question for Buhari

Kadaria: What do you have to say about Ganduje’s video? Fake or real?

Osinbajo: He doesn’t know

Kadaria: The question is meant for him. He can answer for himself.

Then Buhari starts talking nonsense.



Buhari is sleepy , please let him go. #NGCandidates


Kadaria asked the President why he has a ranch while he supports grazing routes, Osinbajo immediately jumped on the question ? #NgTheCandidates He’s really afraid for his boss


Watching #NGTheCandidates on NTA

Baba is fumbling like Bakayoko of Chelsea as usual. He can’t hear or answer simple questions well.

So Osinbajo is now doing a Kante for him

He is intercepting all the passes and covering up for him

Fam, We need to sell this Bakayoko this season


Buhari asked about Herdsmen/Farmers clashes and how to solve it and he is still making a case for grazing routes. He didn’t even say “Pim” about MODERN RANCHING.


Osinbajo is now saving Baba’s face…


@MrStanley Nwabia

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