The Stars, their Expectations, Aspirations for 2019

The New Year is always ushered in with resolutions, aspirations and expectations across board. This year, our stars were not left out. While the clamour by majority is for a better 2019, others simply want to take life as it comes. Mary Nnah, Ayodeji Ake and Sunday Ehigator, who spoke with few celebrities and socialites, chronicle their expectations, as well as aspirations for the New Year

Princess Modupe Ozolua (Philantropist)

My aspiration for 2019 will be putting me first! Time to ease off exhausting trips, deadlines and pressures; after all, even “Super heroes” care for self in order to care for others.

Chinonso Young: Nollywood Actress

My aspirations for 2019 would be to read more, expand my knowledge, also focus on saving up and investing.

Emdee David: Founder/President: Africa Entertainment Network

Personally, my expectations in 2019 are very high. I feel I have worked so hard to build my brand in the past years and it’s time for such effort to yield better results. I know I have to work more, but more importantly working smarter should get me the desired result. I aspire to tap more into the digital business world, synergise with successful people and make Africa Entertainment Network a global brand. I hope to travel more in 2019, connecting with business and entertainment people and tour important places, especially to see how one can improve showbiz and tourism in Nigeria.

For Nigeria, hmmmmm, well, let’s hope the general elections go well. I hope it would. Whoever wins as the president, I expect a greater Nigeria in 2019. I expect greater results among entrepreneurs and local content productions. I expect electricity supply to improve drastically. Hopefully, most of the works of this present government, if truly they are working, should show. Road construction and agriculture should improve, other mineral resources should be explored and exported. That’s what I expect from a reasonable government. And I hope the local governments would be given more autonomy and security generally should improve. Yes, there will be prosperity for genuine businesses in 2019.

Ada Ehi: Gospel Artiste

2019!!! My expectations for myself is always to be more and impact much more…. having much more is undeniable, impact always preludes that.
For Nigeria, I pray and hope that the people will experience true and lasting change, and we can be hopeful again… to dream and to have the necessary platforms to pursue our dreams without needing to put our integrity and conscience on the line each time.

Caterina Bortolussi: Fashion Designer

I dream of an effortless 2019 where everything becomes easy, where it is indeed mind over matter and we all realise our full potential. I dream of kindness and impact and a lot of time spend outdoors doing beautiful things in company of amazing people.

Yusuf Abiola, aka Michigan: Music Artiste

I believe 2019 will be a year of breakthrough and a new chapter not for only me but everyone. Well, 2019 I except to put out one song though and record a lot of songs so people can hear my kind of song. I addi intend to put up some musical tour, and invest. I expect the music industry to improve in terms of making our songs go places around the word and quality of production developed. Election is around the corner, I want to use this medium to preach peace. Happy new to all my fans. I love you!

Jaiye Kuti: Actress

My expectations for 2019 are not much because I look forward to something that definitely when you sow, you reap. I can see the seed germinating already. My expectation is to work harder so that I can be more successful. In Nigeria, hard work is needed to be successful. For my job, I am improving and I wish to improve more to produce more reasonable appealing movies to the world and not only in Nigeria, because I want to go global as far as my job is concerned.

My expectation for my home is to stay home more because I have been up and down. I want to be closer to the family and closer to God. I wish to bring smile to people’s faces more than I did. The upcoming that are very creative, this year, my expectation is to bring them closer to work so that they can showcase their talents too because we are growing older and we need to start grooming the younger ones. May God help me. Happy new year!

Mc Abbey: Comedian

For 2019, I have a whole lot of things in mind and I am expecting that God pours His favour on me. There are a lot of projects coming up for me and I truly hope to see a positive change in the government system or structure we have in Nigeria. Not necessarily change of party or whoever is going to be there, but I hope to see a change of administrative structure in Nigeria government. For me, my project is number one. There are other things that will spring up as a surprise and I won’t want to share them now but when it happens, it will be very glaring. Happy New Year to Nigerians.

Toyin Alausa: Actress

My expectations for 2019 comes with a lot of high hopes. I have done quite a number of movies in 2018 and I am hoping to do bigger jobs in 2019, blockbuster jobs. I’m also looking forward to getting endorsements, which is the pinnacle of every entertainer. I’m also looking at shooting my own movies by the grace of God. My expectations for 2019 are quite high and I believe that with God, all things are possible. I want to say Happy New Year to family, friends and my distinguished fans.

Rico Swavey: Big Brother Naija Contestant 2018

I’m expecting a free and fair election for the country as a whole and also hoping for a better government administration to stabilise the economic crises that we are facing as a nation as well. Expecting to complete five major musical projects, to be more relevant in the area of helping kids with disabilities and autism, to establish a food business, travel the world if I can with my team, and basically build and establish my entire brand in the music and film industry. Happy New Year to Nigerians.

Manish Rohtagi: Business Head, TVS Simba Group

2019 certainly comes with great challenges and opportunities. With the elections coming up, I believe Nigerians will make the right choices so that the country would avoid impediment.

For me, it poses as a year of improvement and development in all sectors of the Nigerian economy and I hope this advancement, will create a suitable business environment for all to thrive in.

I hope the Nigerian youths would rise up to the challenges ahead and set ground-breaking records to make the country a better place.

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