You see if you have noticed, for sometime I have left Sanwo-Olu and his campaign alone o. The way they have flooded Lagos with campaign posters although quite impressive leaves me with a reluctant admiration of the way they are going about the whole campaign. Sanwo-Olu fine in some of the posters, others he no fine. That na him wahala though.

Anyways, we were all just mulling over just how lame our Agbaje’s campaign has become with no fire and guts when all of a sudden, his running mate just threw a stone at President Jonathan. He was reported to have claimed that in 2015, Jonathan or his people had offered him $5m for only God-knows-what. You see before the very exciting response from the Jonathan team even me I come dey wonder why for the life of me would he be offered that kind of money to do what? Was he a Jagaban at that time? What block of voters was he in control of and what kind of influence was he appropriating in his street not to talk of local government? So Jonathan’s response was classic. Wait for it o: a man with no name, no influence and no pedigree? Why would I offer him that kind of money to do what? Mbok.

If you have not seen Jonathan’s response please go and look for it. It was a classic. A powerful below the belt punch, the type that will make you keel over in pain throwing up your smelly breakfast. I am sure it was Mummy Jonathan who dictated it and got the people to put it in good English. She would have said it verbally in pidgin for them to craft it. Mbok, this Hamzat na funny man.

Instead make you quiet, follow the script they have written for you and follow the blueprint before they move against you, na Jonathan trouble you go find. A classic case of not knowing how to pick your battles. So you will look for this kind trouble as running mate to governor? Mbok Jonathan if you have that kind of money to be giving lightweights, please double it and send for me o at least me I can deliver Shomolu for you not these one who cannot even enter the other room without getting written permission. Please don’t let me laugh abeg.