Buhari – Billionnaires are Running

Aliko Dangote,
Aliko Dangote

They say my brother Scott Tomei is the latest billionaire to refuse the appointment into the President’s re-election committee. You see the whole thing is even confusing me sef. There is Presidential Committee on something.

That one has Tinubu and a whole lot of old men with Dangote and Otedola and maybe Daddy Showkey. Then I have just seen another one they say was set up by my Mummy Aisha and these one I hear there are over 700 people inside o. You see why I feel so defeated. So, mummy can set up a team of over 700 people and I will not be there? A whole Duke of Shomolu, well not her fault. Shebi it is me that is considering a chieftaincy title for her. Let her come and collect na. Shebi na here I siddon.

Well the story today is not about me, but in the way and manner these rich men are jumping to say they are not there o. First it was Dangote and Otedola who had to ‘clarify’ there positions and now we have Scott who has always been very apolitical also trying to clarify his position. You see where we get when we will be doing copy copy? When they saw Donald Trump advisory panel consisting of CEOs of top triple A firms they decided to do same. So they pulled in all these people who at best are ‘any government in power’ without actually clarifying from them.

So if my brother Scot who loves life now throws his hat squarely with Buhari and one miracle happen and Atiku wins, how will he start to beg o? That one even OBJ cannot resolve that matter. But wait, before announcing these names don’t they consult them? Do they just throw out names like that assuming that the people will be ok with it? Na wa. At least so far we have not seen any dead people’s names on any of these lists. Mbok let me recommend Scott Tomei replacement- let’s look at Fidelis Ethe, he get small money, I dey call am mogul, he is from south south, he is dark and skinny. He can speak pidgin which will come in handy during campaign turns in Warri and most of all, he is a man of style. I have his number and can send it to you Chief Adesina or whoever it is that is compiling these lists. Na wa.