Tinubu Asks Nigerians to Choose Path of Progress


• Glo wishes Nigerians a prosperous new year

Former Lagos State governor and All Progressives Congress national stalwart, Bola Tinubu, has asked Nigerians to select the path of forward progress in 2019 as opposed to going backwards to the past that has not helped the nation.

This is coming as digital transformation leader, Globacom, has sent a message of felicitations to Nigerians as a new year rolls in.

In the New Year message Tinubu personally signed, the APC leader said Nigerians must enter 2019 and see it as a new day for the country.

“The nation is on the verge of an election to determine our collective fate,” he said, adding, “We can either chose to continue forward or return to the old ways that held us back for so long. Just as 2018 must turn into 2019, we must also continue to move forward. As time cannot proceed backward nor should we”.

Tinubu was referring to the 2019 general election, which is around the corner.

The New Year message reads: “As time ushers in the New Year, we must look back on 2018 with thanks and gratitude. We thank God for Nigeria and all that He has done for us.

Meanwhile, digital transformation leader, Globacom, has sent a message of felicitations to Nigerians as a new year rolls in.

The operator, in a statement from its head office in Lagos, canvassed unity among the people of Nigeria, regardless of their tribes, religion or political affiliations.

Globacom urged Nigerians to beware of “the forces of underdevelopment, retrogression, economic stagnation and violence”, adding that these are the real enemies of the people.

The company emphasised the importance of peace in a nation that desires economic and political growth and advised the people to embrace peace in the forthcoming elections.

Globacom pledged its support for the country in its efforts to become a developed country, vowing to provide technologically-driven governance, health care, education and commerce.

The company also promised to give Nigerians much enhanced telecom services in the New Year, adding that it would continue to make the necessary investment in infrastructural expansion for the benefit of its teeming subscribers.

Globacom said it would continue to put the satisfaction of its customers first in 2019, while also connecting with the passion points of all categories of Nigerians.