Total Fetes Children at End of Year Party


To connect more with employees and their immediate family members, Total Nigeria Plc, has organised a special end of the year party for children of its workers.

The colourful party held amidst fun and fanfare, presented an opportunity for  kids from different background to know  each other.

The company explained that the initiative was part of its strategies to make its work environment more conducive and flexible, such that would boost employers- workers relationship,  in  the overall interest of the company and customers. 

Speaking at the reception, Total Nigeria Plc’s Employee Relations Manager, Akade Patrick, reiterated that the initiative was specifically created for staff and children to get to know each other in a relaxed manner, away from the formal atmosphere at work.

He said: “This is also a way of   appreciating our children who have sacrificed a lot to keep the homestead while parents are away to work; more importantly, to encourage friendly relationship and strengthen bond among families present”. 

Stressing he company’s commitment to sustain the initiative, he added: “Total was established in January 1956, I  joined the company 29 years ago and I met the programme on ground, that shows how far the initiative has gone. We plan to continue with it as long as Total remains in Nigeria, the feedback has been quite impressive and there is no better way to get the best of one’s employees  than to make them happy, which is what we doing today”.

The highpoint of the event was the presentation of prizes to winners of quiz competition that was organised to send forth children of 11 years of age , as they are no longer permitted to participate in the yearly get together.

Akade disclosed further that the event was strictly for children between ages 0- 10, while children 11 and above were officially restricted from the party.

“We would not want to dismiss the 11 years among them without celebrating them, so we decided to send them forth with memorial gift. That was how we came about the quiz competition idea where we reward best three children that emerged victoriously,” he said.

In his word, overall winner of the competition, Akade Enoch, said: “I’m indeed happy to have emerged the overall winner .it was a test to examine our knowledge of where our parents work, as soon as I realised I will be participating, I’ve been pulling all stops to make sure I emerge the winner. I’m grateful to Total for this gift.”