AEN Launches Official Website

Guests and stakeholders at the event

Ayodeji Ake

To expand entertainment coverage in Nigeria and beyond, African Entertainment Network (AEN), recently launched an official website in Lagos.

According to the network, the website will provide a platform for upcoming entertainers and an avenue for development.

AEN President, Mr. Emdee David, at the official unveiling of the AEN Social Networking Website, told newsmen at the official launching tha AEN was established to bridge a development gap for talented Nigerian youths who are embedded with entertaining gifts.

“AEN is a social networking forum for entertainers, lovers of entertainment and entertainment business for men and women. The platform is to synergies and strategize together and to provide a platform for the upcoming to display their talents.

“We are so happy today because the webiste is on and we have worked so hard to make this a reality. And officially today we are unveiling it.

“This network is all about networking all over Africa and not only in Nigeria. What we are trying to do here is to allow people key into the website. The network comprises of all entertaining sector.

“We want people to visit the website www. and very sure they will be glad they did,” he said.

The Director, Center for International Advanced and Professional Studies, Prof. Anthony Kila, lauded the initiative, said it will mark beginning of a new chapter in the entertainment industry.

“What we need today is not talent because we have a whole lot of talent but we need a platform to polish this talent which AEN stands in for.

“We salute and a courage this project as an avenue that brings together ideas and strategies. And this network will open to a lot of idea and partnership to instigate development” he said.

He further urged entertainers to wear the garment of courage and commitment to attain greater height.

“My direct message is that they shouldn’t be discouraging whatsoever because a lot of people at the top went through the same processes.

“Commitment should be the vision. Disappointments should be seen as stepping stone and they should bear in mind that what will guide them is their vision,” he urged.

In their joint remarks, producers of Goge Afrcia, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Moses, spoke in the same vein of commitment and persistence to grow AEN initiative.

“This is needed in Africa. A lot always think we are in competition but it’s not true. We are very sure as time goes on, people will jump at it.

“Persistence and commitment on this is really needed to make this a reality. Today Goge is celebrating 19 years of success and trust me we are not tired.

“There are other people who are talented and passionate more than us but they don’t have the platform. I believe with this initiative it’s also going to be a success.”