Refined Investors Series Boosts Joint Venture Partnerships


A group reputed for engendering high level conversations, Refined Investors Series, has explored the possibilities of joint venture partnerships in Nigeria at an event described as insightful by the attendees in Lagos.

The event saw Fine &Country collaboration with Pricewater Coopers (PwC) as knowledge partner and examined real estate issues from a multi-sector perspective.

The Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chair of Fine & Country West Africa, Udo Maryanne Okonjo, noted in her keynote address that by nature, real estate is a result of a collaborative effort.

She said: “Real estate is capital intensive, the larger the project, the higher its barrier to entry, and the higher the need for diverse skill set, expertise and resources.

The knowledge partners for Refined Investor Series, Pricewater Coopers presented a keynote address by Mr. Andre Ugarov, who gave an insightful presentation on some of the creative funding structures that exist in the Nigerian real estate industry as well as the opportunities that exist for pre-financing or pre-sales financing adopted recently which shares the risk burden between developers and owners.

The panel discussions were also enlivened and enriched by a resource council made up of top real estate experts in different segments of the industry and also gave valuable insights from perspectives of facilities management, end user, developer, architecture and design.