Kelly Anthony Motivates With ‘Elevate’



Vanessa Obioha

In the new visuals for his latest single ‘Elevate’, the Toronto-based Nigerian artiste Kelly Anthony sings about the high and lows of his life, regarding friendships and his success.

A hybrid of dancehall and pop, Anthony in an interview said he wrote the song to motivate others who have been betrayed by friends.

“Elevate is all about life growth. It’s like people don’t like to see others succeed and grow in life. The song is mainly about me.

“I lost a lot of friends in my life as God blessed me. People became extremely envious of me as things started to change in my life for good, but i couldn’t understand why anybody would be upset when their friend is doing good in life.

“It’s quite sad actually because I’ve never felt that way about anybody. I’ve never felt anger and animosity towards anybody that was succeeding in life. So I went to the studio one day and got the inspiration for the song. I wanted to create something people can relate to.”

Elevate is the latest single from the artiste, preceding other hits like ‘Unstoppable’ and ‘Maye’ which were released this year.

Shot by a Canadian-based Nigerian director Seeds Visuals, the video is void of obscenity, a deliberate effort by the musician.

“I’ve never been a fan of flaunting scantily dressed vixens in my music videos because my music is my art and my videos have to be able to explain my thoughts.

“I wanted to show life as a successful musician from all my hard work. For a man to become successful, he must restrain from women and focus on one woman.”

He concluded that his overall goal is “to motivate others to focus on their art, goals and keep pursuing their dreams.”

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