Alpari Holds Training on Forex Trading 

By Udora Orizu in Abuja

One of the leading companies on forex trading, Alpari has called on Nigerians to venture into currency trading and take advantage of the opportunities that are bound for wealth creation.

Speaking during a training organised by Alpari on forex trading, the CEO Alpari Research and Analysis, United Kingdom, Roberto Ambrosio, said the company embarked on the training to educate, equip interested participants on the nitty gritty of forex market.

He said the forex market is the kind of market that can be traded in any condition regardless of the volatility of the market, saying that unlike the stock market, one can still make money from the forex market regardless of the direction of the market.

“There is a lot of interest, a lot of curiosity to understand more about this market and also unfortunately what has gone wrong when they tried it before and this is one of the biggest reasons why we here in order to share our experience, our knowledge in order to give more information to the people so that they can approach this market with knowledge without making the mistakes that are usually made when you start trading and also to give them to tools in order to make informed decisions, when they do their investment, trade or forex or whatever kind of investment they want to do.

“It is one of the financial market that can be traded in any condition, nowadays we are experiencing sparky volatility of stock and some currencies have been volatile, like stock for example in which you can make money only when the stock rise, in the currency market on the spot market, you can make money whatever the direction of the market is, of course you have to have the tools to manage this volatility properly and get the right direction or limit your losses when the direction you are trading is wrong,” Ambrosio said.

Also, the Marketing and Partnership Manager, Stephen Abanobi, said the forex industry in Nigeria has been in existent for less than 10 years, saying, “I am proud to say that Alpari has been one of the first companies to bring forex into the country, we opened here in 2010, and we have been operating then till now.”

According to him, “Alpari have had clients coming on and increasing from year to year, and currently worldwide we have over 20 million clients.

“In Nigeria alone, we keep growing, this event we have will continue to bring awareness to people who want to invest or trade the forex market, a lot of people are beginning to believe that this is an industry where they can actually have legitimate financial transactions for profit sake and its true lay a veritable platform to actually gain financial independence.

“And I believe that Nigerians are happy that the likes of companies of Alpari are here, a reliable broker, and through companies like ours they are able to trust other brokers, and still till today, we proud to say that we are number one”.

One of the trainees, Ovie Oyaigbevwen said the reason for his participation was to get the skills on how to detect when it is important to invest in the forex market and when to exist from the market.

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