How Did She Beat Aso Rock’s Security?


One of the most embarrassing reports of last week was the one about a certain woman, Amina Mohammed also known as Justina Oluoha, who was alleged to have breached Aso Rock security or compromised the security of the villa (as some reported it) to the extent that she impersonated one of Kogi State first ladies and defrauded many people, feigning close relationship with the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari.

First off, the reports presented a poorly coordinated security architecture at the Villa, such that a flatly nobody could access the place with fake identity and in some cases, bring people in and make claims that were not genuine. It goes without saying that if the security of the nation’s seat of power is that porous, it is understandable then why the challenge of insecurity appears intractable. To say the least, the manhandling of the woman, a supposed innocent citizen is a disgrace to the security agencies of this country. In fact, unfortunate!

Above all, it suffices to ask: what is with Aisha and impersonators? That should propel some kind of study. The other time, it was one of her security aides, who allegedly impersonated her to the extent of raking in close to N2billion. She denied knowing this too the same way she has denied knowing Amina, who on the other hand has reportedly said she was not alone in her racket. Aso Rock’s security needs emergency overhauling. Period!