Kia Offers High Discounts Ahead of Festive Season


Kia Motors Nigeria has unveiled an innovative program tagged ‘Service Carnival’ to reward customers in this yuletide season for their loyalty over the year. Under this initiative, Kia is offering discounted servicing to all models with free service checkups and 10% discount on parts to the customers between November 27 and December 18. Car owners can now avail professional service and repairs for as low as N9,999.

Kia has been steadfastly pursuing a customer-first strategy of service based on trust, advanced technology, and exceptional service at an affordable price. The service carnival is poised to offer customers discounted servicing designed after its service philosophy called, ‘Promise to Care.’ In furtherance of making the campaign truly rewarding, Kia customers can also avail attractive discounts on spare parts, labour, and other free value-added services during the special program.

“With the introduction of ‘Service Carnival’, we are making the exceptional service and car repairs more affordable to all with a discounted price starting from N9,999 and 10% discount on spare parts. Featuring other value-added services like free car inspection amongst others, ‘Service Carnival’ will provide customers an exclusive discount on repairs and parts” said, Sanjay Tatpati, Chief Operating Officer, Kia Motors Nigeria.

Being a customer-centric brand, Kia has always laid a strong emphasis on unique service initiatives. Customers around the country will be able to experience Kia’s personable and considerate service through the ‘Service Carnival’ campaign at all Kia service network points.

“The cost of vehicle ownership is always at the heart of Kia’s strategic focus. Irrespective of whether our customers use their vehicles for business or private purposes, we believe that our after-sales service must be both cost-conscious and confidence inspiring. With the introduction of the ‘Service Carnival’, customers will have a delightful car ownership experience akin to great moments anytime they are on the road this yuletide season” said Jimoh Olawale, Marketing Manager, Kia Motors Nigeria.

At present, Kia has upgraded their service facilities and all its touch points across the country. To enhance customer experience, the company has recently launched its mobile service to carry out inspection, repairs, and service of the car at the convenience of the car owners. The introduction of mobile service has continued to break the barrier of fixed location set-up for providing quality service. It provides customers with an experience which is similar to any Kia workshop and will offer customers quick and professional service at their doorsteps. Other programs include 90 minutes ‘Express Service’ for customers.

Customers around the country will be able to experience Kia’s personable and considerate service at a heavily discounted price. Committed to creating a lasting experience to customers, the service carnival is set to making the cost of vehicle ownership less onerous in these tough economic times aimed at assisting customers in improving vehicle performance and reducing the overall cost of operations. Kia continues to create an end-to-end top-notch service delivery to customers and provides dynamic and exciting experiences that go beyond expectations.