At Jonathan’s Book Launch, Aisha Babangida Hits Her Strides

Some women are like sapphire, they glow as the brilliant blue gem thus colouring the world with their craft. Some are sassy as teens and cute as amber studs. But beneath the glamour, has she any substance? You are wont to wonder. Some are like coral clasps-pretty yet disposable. Amidst the glitter, Erelu Aisha Babangida is an emerald cut.

Whatever you think of her, there is something inspiring about the dark-hued lady. Like Maryam, her late mother, she is compassionate, industrious and tirelessly imaginative. But unlike her late mother, she channels such ingenuity that even the late Nigerian First Lady was incapable of in her prime.

And those who attended the recent book launch of former President Goodluck Jonathan will tell you that this is the kind of transformation Erelu Aisha Babangida has undergone. The tentative woman of yesteryear has vanished like the vapours of a dewy morning. In her place has risen a confident and powerful lady from whom charisma and leadership qualities ooze out like aromatic perfume.

She used to stand on the shoulders of giants; now she walks and talks with them as an equal. Erelu Aisha was at the Events Hall of the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja venue of the book launch as a representative of her father, the former head of state Ibrahim Babangida. Quite a few eyebrows were raised at her appearance as many thought the former president would send one of his former lieutenants instead. By the end of the star-studded event, not only had Aisha stolen the show, she also earned the admiration and respect of the nation’s titans.

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