Indigenous Firm Introduces Foods for Diabetics

Oluchi Chibuzor

Medela Numen Ventures, an indigenous food processing firm, has introduced a locally processed foods for diabetics, manufactured to help stabilise their health status and reduce the effect of the debilitating impact of chronic diseases.

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Medela Numen, Mberede Onuakpunwa, revealed this during the presentation of the products to the media in Lagos.

He disclosed that the products were thoroughly researched and developed to help enhance the quality of life of people suffering from chronic diseases – diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and ultimately reduce their dependence on drug.

According to him, “people with chronic diseases like diabetes need to take their food habit very serious and take good nutritional foods by consuming products that are alternative to carbohydrate rich substances.”

Onuakpunwa, who is also a diabetic patient, further stated that after witnessing what the disease had done to his close family members, he was prompted to engage in deep study for the product which includes, “Nutrimeal the one you eat for lunch or dinner, Nutrifast is the one you take for breakfast. It helps individuals to lose weight, checkmate hunger and control diabetes”.

The company’s sales manager, Nkechi Orji disclosed that its acceptance in the South-east was amazing as it helps to improve the life expectancy of those currently battling with the life changing disease.

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