Emotan Gardens: EDPA, Mixta Nigeria assure steady power supply options  


As the Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA) and its partner, Mixta Nigeria advance on the delivery of the over 70-hectare Emotan Gardens project, the Executive Chairman, EDPA, Isoken Omo, has disclosed several options available for the provision of steady power supply in the estate.

Isoken disclosed this in Benin City while addressing journalists on the level of progress recorded with the housing project, noting that the pace of work on the site has been impressive.

She said, “we have about 68 housing units completed, and we are still counting. Our intention is to give out these units by the end of this year. What we are also doing is to make sure that the place is ready for the people moving in by December. The people will be able to live in them as soon as they get there. That is the unique thing about this estate.”


She explained that EDPA and Mixta Nigeria are considering different options for power, as the promise is that the estate will run on 24-hour electricity, adding “The 24-hour power supply is a combination of options. So, we are looking at solar; we are looking at the national grid but with a different approach.”


She noted, “We have Ossiomo Power in Edo; We also have Azura Power Plant. We have been talking to them to see what our best option is. Power will be provided. There will be power, potable water and good roads. We intend to put internet and intercom as well. What we are offering is a lifestyle. All these will be provided. The plan is to regenerate the area.


Emotan Gardens, is a flagship estate project being developed by the Edo State Government through the EDPA, with Mixta Nigeria, as joint-venture partners.