How Ambode’s Failure to Pick Our Calls Ruined His Reelection Bid, By Adefuye

Senator Anthony Adefuye

By Oladipupo Awojobi

Lagos East Senatorial District Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Anthony Adefuye, has denied the insinuations that the leaders of the party in the district did not make case for Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to be given a second term.

Speaking during a reconciliation meeting of the district, which held at Shangisha on Thursday, Adefuye revealed that they did their best to have a meeting with the governor before the issue went out of hand all to no avail.

“People accused me of removing Governor Akinwunmi Ambode. We saw this crack four months ago and we decided to meet with our Lagos Central Senatorial Leader, Alhaji Tajudeen Olusi, and three of us went to see Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

“We asked Tinubu if there was any problem, and he said that there was a problem and narrated it.

“We prostrated and asked him to call the governor and speak with him.

“We left the place and started calling the governor to give him a hint of the meeting, but he did not pick our call.

“Asiwaju Tinubu said that he was not picking his calls too. I actually tried my best, but it continued like that. Asiwaju Tinubu promised to call us after speaking with him,” he said.

Adefuye also revealed that he spoke with the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, during Sallah that Asiwaju Tinubu would not return the governor, and that he should do something about the matter.

Adefuye revealed that he went to Epe on the second day and tried to see the governor and called him, but that he did not pick his call.

“They said I would see him the following day, a Sunday, but they later said he would not see me that he was going to Lagos.

“We also tried to see Asiwaju Tinubu, but they said he was not around and we called Hon. Sikiru Oshinowo to help us see Asiwaju Bola Tinubu so that we could see him.

“After that, we saw Asiwaju Tinubu, but the governor did not get back to us despite all our efforts.

“We saw Asiwaju at 10pm and he told us a lot of things till 12 midnight. We then told Asiwaju Tinubu to call GAC meeting. We told him to invite the governor and the governor was able to speak with us for the first time. It was a great opportunity that we lost,” he said.

The politician then advised the people of the district not to put anybody that is not a member of the party in sensitive positions.

He pointed out that politics was about what one can get for his people as a good a leader, adding that one could even be disgraced when fighting for his people.

Another leader of the party in the district, Chief Lanre Rasak, stated that the district had not been able to resolve its issues like those in the Lagos Central and West districts.

He then gave a report of a meeting held by the leaders in the district on 31st May, where it was agreed that the district should be divided into zones.

“We decided to have a senatorial leader and deputy senatorial leader as well as a district committee. Members would be the Chairman then a zonal leader from Ikorodu and another one from Epe, and Kosofe would be members.

“It was agreed that three zones shall be established. Senator Anthony Adeduye was appointed the new Senatorial Leader, while Alhaji Akanni Seriki was appointed as the Deputy Senatorial Leader.

“For Ikorodu, Prince Abiodun Ogunleye is the Vice Chairman, while Omooba Sosanya would be Vice Chairman for Kosofe Zone, while Chief Lanre Rasak is the Vice Chairman for Epe Division.

“Each vice chairman would chair the meeting in their areas. Also, nobody should break the chain of command in their areas,” he said.