Thin Tall Tony Raises Alarm After Photo was Found on Gay Dating Site


Sunday Ehigiator

Reality show star, Thin Tall Tony, has raised an alarm after he was called a closet gay, because his photo was found on a gay dating site.

Thin Tall Tony who disclosed that he was woken from sleep by a gay friend who was upset that he was hiding his sexuality, stated that he wasn’t the one behind the account and he has posted a disclaimer via Instagram.

According to the father of three, his friend further asked him to come clean on his sexuality so they could have a relationship.

He wrote on Instagram, “So! my sleep was cut by half by a friend who’s gay…he was disappointed I didn’t tell him I was into men and found my profile on a gay site.

“His exact words ‘Tony so you use family cover up and you didn’t tell me? “I had to tell my friend you are a nice guy and very direct…but! e pain me o! You and I would have had something special. I had to stop the conversation sharp, sharp.

“So! someone is out there with a name (JAY24) using my photo to attract people. That is how I could have been out with my family and men would be admiring my bombom!!!…God I beg o!”