Bishop Oyedepo, Please, Slow Down

David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, Founder and President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, days ago came out to allege plans to Islamise the country and warned that no such plans would work in Nigeria, no matter under what guise it is conceived.

Whatever might have informed the fears of the revered bishop, it is only fair to credit him with a bit of seriousness, which suggests he wasn’t just ranting but probably acting on intelligence gathering or at the very least, the leading of the spirit. But then, the bishop should apply some degree of wisdom in the delivery of his messages.

In fact, his manner of delivery could do a lot more damage to the fragile unity of the country than the actual threat he is harping on. Leadership is expected to boast a lot of maturity, both in conceiving and delivering assignments. But Bishop Oyedepo hasn’t done well here and that is the more reason he should slow down and see the danger in his approach, whether or not it is in national interest.