Population is not the Problem


Victor Ariole
There are more cats in Switzerland than there are human beings and those cats feed better than Nigerian labourers pleading to be paid 30,000 naira a month, about 86dollars. So, the question is: why are fellow human beings more interested in placing more value to cats, dogs and robots than fellow human beings in the globalising dispensation as they have come to agree that human beings are no more to be treated like animals.

Slave trade is over, forced labour is over as humans seem to believe world over but human psychological debasement as search for better life continues, either in Mars or within the planet, shows that beside few who orchestrate hate speech, optimum population is far from being attained, if globalisation dictates is objectively pursued. In the end nature decides what is optimum and can make or mar human what humans plan.

Nature as against human power differ in regulating the abundance made available to humans which is not well managed as greed still reigns. Notwithstanding, human beings are made to be on top of the pyramid of the food chain or ecosystem.

Ironically, they alone depend on others to sustain their livelihood as their absence does not obliterate the growth of others because even when people have completely evacuated from poisoned zones other nonhuman life still grow there. Weakness of human knowledge has created enough catastrophe to totally annihilate humans on earth but small nature opening keeps them alive as reset or restore equilibrium intervenes. Chernobyl, Hiroshima and even Nigeria-Cameroun border Nyos gas escape that limited its killings to 15km radius are all evidence to prove that nature always intervenes.

Trying to defy nature some people are preaching what sadden some humans in their own civilisation drive as same sex reverse or upside down copulation, not to mention the real names, are thriving so as to reduce population or make reproductive process irrelevant.

And the planet earth is still populated by brains that are still operating at their 10 per cent capacity and needs more human crossbreeding to get it above that percentage. It cannot be by artificial process as it cannot create the spark that nature alone can surprise humans with as it has done through creations. LGBTQI does not call for hate speech and should also not call for adoption of innocent children if, indeed, people who support it intend to use it to reduce population.

They are mere outliers that must be monitored and studied for whatever the expected end result could fetch. They could only be tolerated and not made to be the norm. Possibly their regenerated content could give the world different species never known yet. Numbers describing quantities do not necessarily equate to seeing overpopulation. Some people are just there to be part of the numbers and they have to be obliged as long as they do not constitute problem to the the real population that really matter.

The Apple CEO just confessed that being homosexual or gay helped him a lot in achieving great things and it should be noted for research purposes as it still remains an outlier. An African sage would tell you that in the house of a king all kinds of human beings exist, good, bad, useful, nuisant, and even those that pretend to be imbeciles but are used for committing crimes. So, population does not make a nation useless or useful until the best among them decide how to categorise the population.

In effect population is mere illusion until it is well defined the way the West define their own by telling the world those who contribute effectively to the growth of their wealth and those who are merely tolerated and handed meal ticket for as long as they live and do not create havoc in the society.

The earthly space is still abundant the way it was noted that 86,000 years ago those known as currently asian tigers migrated from Africa and journeyed to their current space. So, if the sun re appears to the 24-hour charted geographic zones the same way for centuries and could be assumed to be moving at 300km per minute then it stretchable diameter still has rooms for human beings to migrate to, as globalisation beckons. Unless globalisation is meant to be a truce as the USA case proves and as caravans loaded with Hondurans for over 1000km journey heading to USA tends to test that.

Before migration to the new world many people died and ships journeyed for over six months to make provision available to the daring ones who needed to open the space and today the new world has over one billion people living in it with USA about 320million and Brazil about 200million dominating.

Africa is about one billion in population with Nigeria about 190million and the decimated Congo Democratic Republic about 90million dominating. Nigeria should be thinking of optimising the African space instead of thinking of population policy that could never hold water just like Babangida regime decreed four children per woman that was never respected beyond what nature forced some people to observe as fertility capacity declined in the wake of the marketing of in vitro fertilisation.

It is not that IVF caused it but contingent to its provision multiple birth became almost the norm as women started having triplet and quadruplet and Nigerians by their current fate started praising the Almighty for it. And it is said that a home where no baby cries is like a dead home by African standard. So, how is government going to change the mind-set of Nigerians? Japan is currently suffering under population and are planning how to mitigate it. That is ‘osondi owendi’ of Osita Osadede.

Today Japan is where Carnival is held annually to celebrate penis and people do not see beyond the illusion of great plastic penis of different sizes displayed and adored by ladies moving in crowd. That kind of carnival is matched by the Brazilian type that show women in their nude displaying great curves of their shape and making sure you observe what will not make you think of them as transsexuals.

And the greatest colony of Japanese is situated in Brazil – Sao Paulo. Africa has not got the population that can make it rethink yet if compared with South America where Brazil dominates and how they manage their ecology. For now it is like every Nigerian can still occupy about five football field on their own which is not available to any Israeli even if it can’t compare with Canada where each person can occupy over 100,000 football field, there are still great deal of human intelligence and nature mix intervention that makes the population a no issue for the Africans as at now and calls for great thinkers to re position the human capital of Africa or Nigeria for greater prosperity.

Prof. Ariole wrote in from the Department of French and Francophone Studies, University of Lagos