Group Commends Aisha Buhari’s Role as First Lady

Aisha Buhari,
Aisha Buhari

By Segun James

The Re–elect Buhari Movement (RBM), a support group for President Muhammadu Buhari, has said that the activities and actions of Mrs. Aisha Buhari is changing the face of the Office of the Lady, a situation which is having a possitive impact on the polity.

A statement signed by its Convener, Mr. Emmanuel Umohinyang noted that though the office is unconstitutional, the wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari has, since assuming office, carved a positive image for the office by being on the side of truth and the people in the last three and a half years.

According to him, this has not only positively impacted on nation’s image, it has proved that she can hold her own without her husband.

Umohinyang said that unlike the experience of the recent past, the office has complemented the office of the President instead of competing with it.

“In the past, Nigerians were not pleased with the operations of that office, I think it has been modified by the wife of the President under the present adminitration

“Be that as it may, I travelled to the village recently and I saw the picture of the wife of the President on a ‘future assured banner’ and I was curious because I needed to know what the banner could be doing in my village.

“I walked into the compound out of curiousity, only to be told that the woman who had displayed the banner got it from an event she attended.

“Being a widow, she happened to be a beneficiary of Mrs. Aisha Buhari’s pet project. Imagine a widow who had lost hope now been empowered, been given money to start up a business to be able to fend for herself and children

“I was really touched by that woman’s explanation and how she came about the banner. It tells you that the ‘future assured programme has really gone far, traveled several kilometres away from Abuja where it was launched.

“The impact of a programme like this on the lives of people make it compelling to say if we had this type of robust programme, Nigerians would not have called for the scrapping of that office.

“When you look at previous administrations, especially the recent past, you discover that, it was badly abused. The office was raised to a level that it was presumed that it running at par the office of the President.

“What has happened under this administration is that the wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari has complemented her husband very well.

“Recently, I read about the gigantic medical facility erected in Yola to provide health care to the poorest of the poor in the society. We now have a meaningful and purpose of the wife of the President.

“My appeal to the wife of the president is that she should continue her pet project even after the President has finished his term because of the impact on the widows, orphans and the poor.

“If you go to the website of that project, you will marvel at the massive changes that programme has brought to our people. When you have such offices, we should also support the wife of the President to do more.

“From what we have seen in the last three and a half years, it is not near the abuse they have seen of that office in the recent past.”