FBNQuest Merchant Bank Sponsors APWB Dinner

  •  Lends its voice to women in banking

In furtherance of its commitment to enabling women in banking in Nigeria, FBNQuest Merchant Bank supported the Association of Professional Women Bankers on its Corporate Dinner, themed “Funding Infrastructural Development in an Emerging Economy”.This annual event was held on Friday 19th October, 2018 at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island.

The Association of Professional Women Bankers (APWB) is the female arm of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN). The event was organized to provide a platform for stakeholders inthe banking sectortoengage and strategize on methods that will enhance the business of banking in Nigeria, tackle financial illiteracy among SMEs, and position entrepreneurs on the path to economic growth.

While delivering a keynote address at the event on the scale of Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit, Kayode Akinkugbe,Managing Director/CEO, FBNQuest Merchant Bank, emphasized the importance of bridging the gap in Nigeria’s infrastructure in order tocreate a sustainable legacy for future generations.According to him,development of infrastructure assets has proven to be extremely capital intensive, requires substantial amounts of liquidity and takes time to complete.Also, in order to fund infrastructure in an emerging economy like Nigeria,we must attract onshore and offshore investor appetite.

Speaking further, he said “Banking used to be largely dominated by men, but there has been a significant shift over the years, as more women have risen to influential positions within the industry. We need to support women in banking at all levels, as women bankers are a powerful forcein growing the economy. “At FBNQuest Merchant Bank, we are committed to reducing the gaps in professional gender equality, and this is why we continue to sponsor engagementsthat will explore ideas, gain knowledge andimbue the culture of integrity, transparency, accountability, high ethical values and professionalism”.

Mr Akinkugbe addedthat FBNQuest Merchant Bank is proud to be a part of the eventas it provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among members on common problems and matters of mutual interest affecting the banking industry, particularly, promoting the image of women in the banking profession. He also commended CIBN and APWB for its consistency in putting together innovative and pace setting activities and programmes with a wide range of objectives aimed at promoting the image of women in the banking profession and to encourage women to seek executive and managerial positions.

Also commenting on the success of the event, Funke Ladimeji, COO and Head Technology and Operations, FBNQuest Merchant Bank and Chairman of the APWB Dinner Committee advised that the APWB is an excellent platform for bankers and other financial services professionals for strategic career planning and growth; especially for aspiring, junior and mid-career bankers, as they chart their professional course, as well as for seasoned bankers to groom the next generation.We hope that the insights garnered from the event will help inform the development of infrastructure and the Nigerian economy.