Activist Lori-Ogbebor Charges Electorate to Vote Wisely in 2019


Sunday Okobi

Lagos businesswoman and fiery rights activist, Chief Rita Lori-Ogbebor, has charged Nigerians to depart from the old order by voting the right people into office in the 2019 general election.

The prominent hotelier while ddressing a press conference in Lagos, alleged that most of the candidates standing for the forthcoming election were sponsored by those whom she claimed created the hardship in the land and were hell bent on milking the down-trodden Nigerians further using their ‘stooges’ as conduit pipes.

The Itsekiri, Delta State-born woman leader stated that she was particularly disturbed by happenings in her home state where she alleged the two dominant parties-the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC)-were engage in “selection to further impoverish the people” whose activities she regretted caused the rife ‘poverty’ in the land.

Meanwhile, Lori-Ogbebor has alerted Nigerians and the government that because of activism and stance on the betterment of the lives of her people, her life is now in danger as threats are coming from different quarters.

She told journalists that “I have called you today to let the world know that my life is being threatened because I talk and shall continue to talk as an elder states woman in this country. I have contributed to the economy of this nation for over forty years. I am a leader of my people.

“Today these political leaders are at it again because they want to control Delta State. They are in both APC and PDP. Soon they will be playing godfathers to both sides. About few days ago, I reported a case of selection and manipulation by certain parties.

“Let me say here that the case of open selection was one which I have never known before but I now know that all the parties are involved in this manipulation and selection. There is heavy trading in money without shame and the fear of God. Where do we go from here? When is the common man going to have a voice in our country?”

The businesswomen added that “I fear it is not going to happen and this will lead to war. It is a shame that the two major parties have no ideology distinct from each other. This leaves a clear road for them to move into each other’s camps to cross over especially when they are looking for a party that is likely to win, who can give them cover for the corrupt, fraudulent and dishonest acts that they have done.”