Finally, is your projection for the bank in the next five years?

First, improved customer service. The bond between us and our customers is as strong as the quality of our customer service. So I place a lot of priority on every opportunity to improve the service we deliver to our customers. Secondly, is to bring Ecobank to every household. For us at Ecobank and for me, I consider the access to financial services to be a fundamental human right.

The same way we talk of access to health and education, is the same way you need to participate in the financial economy. That is why we leverage the mobile phone which is the most ubiquitous channel today because eventually every adult has a mobile phone. Whether it is a smart phone or a mobile phone, Ecoobank mobile app or *326# you would have access to mobile banking services. We support that with our agency platform and we support that with collaboration for instance you would find our agency banking platform in Total filling stations for instance, in Nigeria.

And we would continue to expand our collaboration with other chains to really make it possible that within a thousand meters to where you are, you would have a chance to participate in the financial economy in many of the locations Ecobank would have established in the medium term. We want it to be possible that doing banking or engaging in financial services, your ability to save, ability to make payments, your ability to access finance is within reach to you at any time. Thirdly, is to provide opportunity for small and medium scale businesses that wish to export across Africa, the opportunity to do that seamlessly and in a sustainable manner given the footprint we have across Africa.

Fourthly, we have a rich diaspora community as Nigerians and when we begin to look at access to foreign direct investments, you will find out that remittance and inflows from Nigerians working outside Nigeria, in Africa and outside Africa, is beginning to be a significant portion. So, we would be providing the Ecobank Rapid Transfer on an app that would enable every Nigerian wherever they are to remit money back home seamlessly from their mobile phone without the need to go to an agent location. We would make that available this year. But in the medium term, this would begin to be a good way of attracting funding to support local communities.

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