Olubi, a Model in Gainful Migration


Lekan Fatodu

Truth be told, the answer to regrettable relocation from one’s homeland lies in vacuity of planning and purpose. Every journey of life involving movement from one’s familiar environment for settlement in another location is inherently tricky and uncertain.

It is even far worse when the new clime is completely an opposite of where you are coming From on the grounds of rules, language and weather to name just a few.

Moses Olubi, a brilliant UK-based lawyer and the head of Olubi Solicitors, is by all definitions a shining example of successful migration.

Beyond his proclivity for propriety and regards for rules and order wherever he finds himself, Olubi’s vision for self-improvement and career advancement was the self-made manual available for direction when he set on the journey to leave Nigeria for the UK many years ago. And this has remained his guide since landing in the UK which has enabled his full integration into the British system.

Unfortunately, quite a number of Nigerians leave the country without a purpose because their major push for relocation is the perennial hardship in the country.

And for a people whose minds have long been conditioned around the proverbial greener pastures in most foreign lands, there has never been a time for proper preparation let alone a vision that will enable settlement in another man’s land.

Of course, the routine records and reports about Nigerians landing in foreign prisons and those falling into other tragic fate are evidently the outcomes of the desperation to escape from Nigeria without planning.

Sadly, as a result of this circumstance, and given that there’s no ignorance of law, as it obtains at home, in most of these country where many Nigerians, a lot of our innocent citizens have fallen into avoidable infractions that have cost them their character and credibility and limited their opportunities to rise to greater attainments.

Flowing from his notable benevolence coupled with his concern for the sad fate often encountered by many new and innocent Nigerians in the UK, Olubi began to use his knowledge of the law and his wealth of experience of the two worlds, Nigeria and the UK, to offer helpful legal advisory to Nigerians coming into the UK as a guide for a hitch-free integration.

Surprisingly, the legal solution and advise that started like a little kind gesture to people that located within Olubi’s close circle rapidly improved people’s lives in extraordinary ways and gradually extended beyond his borders.

Having personally observed the tremendous impact of his ingenious intervention on immigration for many Nigerians, the profound solicitor didn’t hesitate to open the doors of his law firm for free legal consultation on all matters.

With the latest problem-solving undertaking, Olubi Solicitors became, arguably, the first Nigerian legal firm to run free legal consultation to clients to help them with the initial informed choices and actions before the commencement of full legal engagement in the UK, a country where legal solution is a drain to people’s wallets.

Today, Olubi celebrates 16 years of “commitment to excellence” in the provision of legal service to Nigerians of all shades in the UK and in making legal access easy to disadvantaged Nigerians as well as Britons of modest means in the UK to make their predicament bearable.

As Olubi continues in this noble cause for humanity and professional service, expectedly best wishes have been flowing from far and near for him to get better and stronger. And this shall surely be his lot.