At Last, Curtain Falls on Oriental Energy Vice President, Ameena Indimi


Insects sting, not from malice but because they want to live. It is the same with Vice President of Oriental Energy, Ameena Indimi, the daughter of billionaire oil magnate, Alhaji Muhammudu Indimi. According to mischief-makers, the latter would tirelessly argue that she thrives by her lust for the fear and misery of the company’s staff.

The rabble rousers alleged that the delectable loves to instil fear in the hearts of the employees and watch them squirm in trepidation at her plots.
But that is hardly the true story of the billionaire daughter, according to sources loyal to her. Very close friends and associates of the Oriental Czarina place a counter-argument to that advanced by her detractors. They dismiss rumours about Ameena, describing them as the figment of her detractors’ imagination.

Notwithstanding their claims, staff of Oriental lament Ameena’s alleged malevolence in handling the affairs of the company.
According to African intelligence, ‘She was ousted from her role as executive vice president of the Nigerian junior Oriental Energy Resources (OER). Her father, Muhammadu Indimi, OER founder and main shareholder, took the decision after Ameena fired several senior staff members without his consent. Ameena allegedly laid off the company’s managing director and former Addax Petroleum executive, Ignatius Ifelayo, as well as several of her father’s personal financial advisers, including Michael Hailu.

The company chairman, with help from his trusted lieutenant, board member Goni Musa Sheikh, has reportedly been in direct contact with Ifelayo to negotiate his return to the company as soon as possible.

OER operates with a very few permanent managers and hands over the management of its finances and technical matters to former executives of the now folded Afren. This is the case of OER’s commercial director, Patrick Cherlet, and of Samiullah Sardar (former financial controller with Afren) and Ricardo Ramirez de Arellano. The latter two work for OER via the consultancy firm Houston Exploration and Production Services
OER holds several deposits on OML 67 sold by ExxonMobil in exchange for a royalty. The Nigerian junior shared its output from the deposits with Afren, until the latter went into receivership. This explains why so many former Afren crew have found themselves among OER’s ranks.

One of OER’s strengths is its founder’s extensive network. Indimi’s son Ahmed Indimi is married to Zahra Buhari, the daughter of Nigerian head of state Muhammadu Buhari. The group stands in good stead to increase its asset portfolio during the next bidding round which should put several marginal fields up for offer after the elections in February 2019”.