Ehaekpen Road dualisation: Residents express delight at completion, laud Obaseki’s investment in infrastructure

As the contractors working on the dualisation of Ehaekpen Road return to site to complete the road project, residents in the area have expressed excitement over the project, commending Governor Godwin Obaseki for mobilising the contractors back to site to complete it.

A cross-section of Benin City residents, especially those who ply the affected road, told journalists that work on the final phase of the road project has brought succour to the people in the area.

Mr. James Amadin, who owns a store along Ehaekpen Road, said, “I must commend His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki for bringing the contractors back to site to complete the asphalt laying on the road. Those of us who live and do business here, know the importance of the road. We are certain that with this last phase of work, the road will better serve businesses in the area.”

According to Amadin, “If the road was left without working on the pot holes created by the heavy rainfall, the essence of dualising the road would have been lost. With this final phase of the road construction, we are confident that the road will be durable.”

Another resident, Mrs. Pauline Oviasuyi said, “When I saw the contractors working on the road, I was so pleased. The governor has been doing a good job and we are confident that he is not one to abandon a project or deliver haphazard job. So we were reassured when government officials said that work has not been completed on the road.”

“This road is very important to us, as it will help us connect the different parts of the city easily. My fear before now was that the road would be left the way it was, but from what I am seeing at the site, I know that the road will serve us for a very long time to come,” she added.

Monday Aigbogun, a transporter, said “before this work commenced, it was difficult for us to drive through the road when it rained. I believe that this work, when completed, will not only bring out the beauty of the road but end the plight of commercial drivers who ply the road daily.”

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