JAC Motors T6 Exportation Ranks Top 3, as Main Leaders of Chinese Brands


Recent industry automobile research shows that the JAC T6 pickup exporting quantity reached above 2400 units in 2018 so far, this is a 50% growth compared with the previous year. At present JAC T6 is ranking in No.3 in all Chinese pickup exportation. This is the third year JAC T6 pickup launched in the international markets growing more than 50% annually in about 50 countries including Nigeria.

Elizade Autoland is the major distributor for JAC Motors brand of vehicles in Nigeria. JAC Motors boasts of a host of passenger vehicles which ranges from J4 sedan to the S2, S3, S5 and S7 SUV and Sunray Busses; also available is the best seller Pickup; JAC T6 and Light-Duty Trucks. Elizade Autoland is currently running test-drive campaigns for automobile experts who are interested in having a feel of the vehicles.

With effective after-sale services, JAC Motors intends to continue serving the Nigerian automobile needs with durable and cost-effective brand of vehicles suitable for the Nigerian roads.

Elizade Autoland is an automobile trading and services company. We import, distribute and retail the JAC brand of vehicles including passenger cars, SUV’s, pickup trucks, buses, and light duty trucks.