Spectranet Restates Commitment to Customer Service

Emma Okonji

Spectranet, one of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country, has reiterated its commitment to deepen customer service and ensure that customers get high speed internet connectivity and still have value for their money spent on internet service delivery.

The Chief Executive Officer of Spectranet, Mr. Ajay Awasthi, told journalists at a recent media briefing in Lagos, that Spectranet would remain committed to customer service in order to boost their experience in today’s technology world.

According to him, definition of customer service extends beyond addressing customers’ complaints.

“As a responsive organisation, we try to meet customer’s demands, and that is basic, being the fundamental level of customer service.

“We regard customer engagement as a journey, thus we started working on what we refer to as improving the Customer Service Quotient (CSQ) of the organisation.

“CSQ simply means how responsive and sensitive an organisation is towards the customer. It is not restricted to the customer service department only. It is about engaging with the customers and raising their values. CSQ should be a cultural issue.

“If the culture is not properly communicated from the front desk to various departments of the organisation, we will never succeed. A serious-minded organisation yearns to offer the best in terms of customer service, and this is the thrust of our journey as a company towards customers,” he explained.

He further said Spectranet had created channels for customers to express themselves.

“The world is in a digital era. In this era, we felt it was imperative to revamp our website.

“We changed the look of our website to make the customer express himself/herself freely, purchase and get solutions without stress,” Awasthi said.

Speaking on the company’s initiative on new customer services, Awasthi said the introduction of Spectranet express service outlets was hinged on the importance of customer engagement.

“We believe it is very important for the company to excel in that regard. Spectranet embarked on this journey six months ago to uplift our customer service offerings from good to be the best-in-class in Nigeria.

“We want to be up there as the best-in-class in addressing customers’ concerns.

In the last six months, we have done a lot in terms of expanding arms-length service footprint. We are ensuring that there is a Spectranet shop resolving customer service issues, just within 2-3 kilometres,” Awasthi said.

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