Cleric, Emiaso declares as YDP Presidential Aspirant


By Sylvester Idowu in Warri

A Cleric, Ogheneoro Emiaso, has declared his intention to contest for the Presidency under the Young Democratic Party (YDP) in 2019 general elections.

Emiaso, who flagged-off his presidential ambition over the weekend in the presence of party members, associates and supporters in Warri, said he was moved to take into politics because of the deplorable state of things in the country.

A former Staff of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Emiaso lamented that the country cannot develop under the present crop of politicians that have been in power since 1999 without anything tangible to show for their efforts other than looting the commonwealth.

The Presidential aspirant, who is also a cleric with Gospel Church of Christ said Nigerians are suffering in a rich country such as Nigeria in the midst of plenty despite being blessed with so much mineral resources.

“We don’t have roads, we don’t have power. We don’t have things working as it should be. We see other countries, even smaller countries and see how things are working with minimal resources they have. We have so much. Yet, we can’t feel the impact”, he said.

Emiaso who is also an agriculturist decried the level of unemployment among Nigerian youths noting that it was disheartening that successive governments could not create a conducive environment for the youths to exploit their skills and talents.

He therefore promised to empower the young people especially through gainful employments but said he would not disclose the workability of his plans for the youths adding “The workability, i will withhold for now so my opponents don’t steal them and say it is their idea.”

He also promised that young people in the country would enjoy free education from primary to University levels under his administration noting that the country has the resources to fund functional education.

According to him, “We have the resources. We don’t need to suffer to go to school and when we have the knowledge, we will be able to have a formidable force as a country”.

Emiaso also vowed to empower the women whom he described as industrious disclosing that he would put them in place so they can be drivers of the economy of the country.

“They’re productive people and they need empowerment. The widows, those that are vulnerable, we need to integrate them, care for them. Even those who are mad on the streets, we need to bring them together as a family and take care of them. These are done in developed countries.

“We can put them in good places and take care of them. We have a responsibility to care for our people on the roads so they don’t die untimely deaths”, he said.

He added that he would attend to the plights of pensioners and ensured their entitlements were paid as at when due assuring Nigerians that his administration would also ensure food security.

While promising to respect and secure the citizens, Emiaso said molestations by security agencies and their personnel on the people will not be tolerated.