Festering Wound in Caroline Ekanem’s Heart


The love tale of Caroline Ekanem, ex-wife of Musa Danjuma, would make a good read, if beautifully knitted by a powerful writer.

She hugged the limelight after she joined Nigeria’s movie industry, aka Nollywood, some years ago.

Though she was never on the A-list category, she was rather known for her beautiful face. Besides, she gained more fame for her alleged affair with award-winning musician, Tuface Idibia , and a former Super Eagles player.

But what appeared to be the icing on the cake was her affair with Danjuma, a brother to a former Defence Minister, TY Danjuma.

Marrying the billionaire afforded her a new lease of life as there was total transformation in her life. They were an item on the social scene as many of her single friends envied her.

However, 10 years after their celebrated wedding, negative stories began to filter in from their home. But the couple kept denying it until the marriage finally hit the rock last year.

Though the foregoing are well recorded facts about her, society Watch gathered that the young lady is seriously nursing the wound of her series of losses.

Those in the know said that since the mother of three lost her last boyfriend, Tagbo, to the cold hands of death months back, she is yet to get over the shock.

In fact, the sad development has caused a deep wound in her heart so much so that the ravishingly beautiful mother of three is said to be uninterested in any of the guys who have been seeking her attention.