Bode Blaq: I Represent Good Music


My  Story

Budding act, Bode Blaq has taken time to place himself in the music industry, singing, writing and more. He talks to Tosin Clegg about his music, style, starting out and a lot more

Tell us about yourself? 

My name is Ogunbemi Olabode Steven and I’m a musical artiste and a song writer. My genre of music is alternative music and I also rap. The brand, Bode Blaq represents good music and the journey started out in 2016.

 Challenges so far? 

Number one thing is trying to prove to people that you really have it in you, as most people don’t accept something new, considering my own style is not like the popular kind of music. The financial constraint is also there. Having a new brand will require spending so much on marketing, but I think doing all these is important for an artiste. 

Can you shed more light on the rumour of stolen music between you and a DMW artiste? 

I dropped my own song, On Kpa, a month before he dropped his own and I think his own is Kpa. And I think it’s part of his EP, and Dremo is a good friend of mine. But then, I see the media trying to compare both songs, but if you listen carefully you would see the distinction. My own song is about money but his is about women. 

As regards musicians and baby mamas, what’s your take? 

I think, sometimes, the men are the victims. The kind of attention I get, even now that I am not full blown, is big, especially for women. It takes someone that’s God-fearing not to fall, as it’s not an easy thing. Most of those girls know they can’t keep the guy. I’m the kind of artiste that has a family ideology, but I don’t think I want baby mama’s issues.