Femi Kuti’s Band Member Absconds in US


Adedayo Adejobi

Last week was a dramatic one for the Afro beat King Femi Kuti, as a crucial member of his band, the bass guitarist and lifeline of the musician’s music, Andrew Aghedo, absconded in the United States few minutes to a gig.

In a heartfelt solidarity for her brother, Yeni Kuti called out the band member on her Instagram page. The post read: “The face of betrayal. I hope @realdonaldtrump catches you and deports you! Deserted band 20minutes before concert because he wants to stay in America.

“Andrew Aghedo! Those who defend you are just like you. You try to destroy other people to get on in life. It doesn’t work like that.”

In any case, for anyone who knows the nuances of the music trade, it is common knowledge that when musicians leave or abscond in the fashion that played out on Femi, they are either ill-treated, less paid or aggrieved over something.