Faction Emerges in ADC


    By Nseobong Okon-Ekong

    The African Democratic Congress (ADC), one of the promising political parties which recently registered its presence in the Senate when two senators defected to join it from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has recorded the emergence of a splinter group which calls itself the New ADC.

    In a swift reaction, however, the party has pointed out, “that these elements are hired agents acting out a script from their paymasters for reasons best known to them.”

    The statement by the ADC’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Mrs. Yemi Kolapo, said, “We are determined to lead Nigeria out of the socio-economic mess occassioned by the lack of direction on the part of the ruling government, and we can’t be distracted. How can you break away from a party that you don’t belong to?”

    She said further, “We want to make it very clear that whoever these people are, they have never been members of the ADC. Our party is fresh, our party is clean, our party is united, our party is green. We have no room for thugs. They should go back to tell their paymasters that their movie was badly produced and has been rejected by intelligent Nigerians.”

    She raised a few posers: “How come they came out to make this announcement on the same day democracy was shamelessly overthrown at the National Assembly by operatives of the DSS? How come this group is announcing their purported breakaway on a day the ADC launched the Coalition for Electoral Integrity (C4e-Integrity) to entrench the superior power of the electorate in the efforts at rescuing the nation from the hands of economic saboteurs? Clearly, they are impostors working for the ruling party and for their pay.”

    According to Kolapo, the ADC was happy with the outcome of its voters programme. She said, “the launch of the C4e-Integrity, attended by patriotic Nigerians, is the first attempt, ever, by a political party to spearhead the struggle to right the wrongs in Nigeria’s troubled electoral system.”