Old Students Association Gives Back to their Alma Mater


Peace Obi

As part of efforts and commitment towards building a better society, the old students of Stadium High School, Surulere, 1993 set were at their alma mater recently to present 20 desktop computers 20 computer sets to improved teaching and learning experiences in the school.

The old students who have been in touch with the school and had previously donated books for the school’s library, human anatomy for the study of Biology , set of chairs and tables, among others, said they believe that the burden of providing quality education cannot be left for the government alone to shoulder.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the President of the Association, Mr. Olalekan Fayombo said the gesture was to spur the students to be focused on their studies as well as enable them to enjoy 21st-century learning experience, using necessary ICT equipment.

According to him, “ with the influence of technology virtually on every human activity, students cannot afford to lag behind in the use of ICT in their studies and must be given the needed support and access to it. Now that the world is moving from analog to digital, we do not want our school and the students to lag behind, which is what informed our decision to make the donation of this ICT equipment to both the junior and the senior schools.”

He encouraged the students to spend quality time on the systems noting that the computers are loaded with educational apps and programmes like Brainfriend for both senior and junior secondary schools, JAMB UTME, e-books and educational videos.

He disclosed that one of the old students had volunteered to help the school with a one-week hands-on training, saying, “This is a programme that will continue and that is why we have involved some of our friends. We are also hoping to partner with a non government organisation and some friends in this project of giving a helping hand to our school. We will continue to work with the school to intervene in their identified areas of needs. At the moment, the schools said that ICT is their most pressing need and that is what we have provided.”

While admonishing the students, the president advised them to study hard, dream big, remain focused and make maximum use of the facilities.

“Twenty-five years ago, I never knew I was going to come back here to do what I am doing today. The privilege you have today is what we didn’t have then, but here we are professionals, doing well in our respective fields of endeavours. I had a choice to be wayward and become a liability to the society, but I made the right choice and put my studies ahead of anything else.

“What we are doing today was not popular during our time, but we are here to inspire to study hard and tow the good path of life because years to come, you will equally stand here to say that a set inspired us and that is why we are giving back. I wouldn’t know where you will be tomorrow, but if you become the president of Nigeria, remember your school, the teachers and the old students that impacted your lives,” he stressed

The founder of the group, Mr. Christian George said the group embarked on the project to give back to the very root where their journey of life took off from, noting that it was intended to motivate the bigger body of the school’s old students association to do something for their Alma mater.

“There is a bigger body of this association called ‘Stadium High School Old Students Association’ and we are all members. The idea is for us to carry out this initiative as a small group from the main umbrella body so that other sets and even the bigger body can borrow a leaf from us. We intend being a source of motivation for other groups.

The Principal of the senior secondary section of the school, Mrs. Comfort Oloyede thanked the group for their continuous assistance saying that their presence has been a source of great inspiration to the students.

“Their presence has impacted these students very positively. The school has always done well academically within the district, in the state and even in external examinations, but the presence of this set of old students association and support has further boosted the students’ commitment to their studies and the result. I know what it used to be before now. In fact, there was a day they came in their uniform. We appreciate their kind gesture, it will go a long way in achieving quality teaching and learning experience both for the teachers and students,” Oloyede said.