Tosin Ajibade:  I Was Abused in My Previous Relationship

Tosin “OloriSuperGal” Ajibade popularly known for her lifestyle and entertainment website, is one woman with reputable personality, excellent spirit, and positivity. She is also the organiser of the New Media Conference held annually. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, she talks about her passion, new book titled ‘Misfit to Hero’, social media business and much more 

I’ve always loved the entertainment space

As an undergraduate at the Lagos State University (LASU), all I had back then was my Facebook page to share information and stories. A friend later introduced me to blogging and told me where to sign up and from then, blogging took off. The rest is history. 

How I keep the blog up and running 

I read books and browse nuggets from my favourite authors online. I’ll be honest to say, sometimes, it feels lonely inside but I allow the alone moments go and I get back up. 

My ideal man is a man who loves genuinely

Someone who supports me, respects me and will be ready to build with me and trust the process. Someone who can do all these for me and whom I can do all these for. 

Growing up, family, education, childhood dream and mentors 

I was born into a family of eight. I have five siblings and I’m the first. I had my secondary education in Lagos State Model College, Igbokuta and tertiary education at both Lagos State University and Pan Atlantic University. My mentors are Tara Fela Durotoye and Ayeni Adekunle while my role model is Mo Abudu. They have inspired me greatly in business. They have shown strength and courage even in the face of a new (media) generation which proves the importance of vision, mission and goal setting for a business. I aspire to grow my business and these people inspire me a lot to keep at it. 

I unwind by watching movies

Favourite colour is Purple and I unwind by watching movies. I love watching TV generally. My kind of music is soulful, Jazz, R’n’B, and soul. I choose what I listen to depending on my mood. 

I am humble and low-key 

That is who I am 24/7. I don’t live my life to fit in. I am sort of a non-conformist which is why I’m identified as a misfit. I live my life to stand out from the crowd. 

My thoughts on happenings in Nigeria 

Honestly, I am as affected as the next person. We can’t keep ‘praying for Nigeria’ if we don’t fix Nigeria ourselves. I have been to several countries in Africa and they are doing well despite the challenges each country is facing. Nigeria is seen as the giant of Africa, yet people in other countries mock us because we don’t live up to the hype. Public office holders and government officials travel the world and they see how things are done but replicating the things they see in this country seems like an impossibility. That really breaks my heart. What I can do on my part is to use my platform to disseminate both positive information to the public and the realities as well. 

How I balance work and family needs 

I do my best. I understand the importance of family and really hold my family as my rock. I don’t joke with them. 

How I came about Misfit to Hero 

My book is about my journey from being an introvert to getting into the most people-facing industry the world over. I was never prepared for the spotlight. I grew up in a strict environment under the protection of my parents and there were rules which were not meant to be broken. As the first child, it was and perhaps still is a huge responsibility for me to keep up so I don’t disappoint my siblings. The book details some of my struggles as a young business owner and my life as a regular girl to a social media maven. I follow my passion, despite the distractions, challenges, personal struggles, with a never-say-die spirit. The book talks about my entrepreneur journey, abuse from my previous relationship, social media tips and the creation of the annual event, New Media Conference. It has only nine chapters but is packed with lessons. It is a book everyone should get. 

How my new book will help young bloggers in the industry 

A lot of young people delve into blogging and social media because of the hype or the attraction that comes with it, but they forget it’s a lot of work and dedication. They miss the important lesson of maintaining the brand to stay relevant. This book helps correct their perceived notions of the industry and also guides them to turn their passion into profit. I want to be remembered as that girl who was thought a misfit but ended up a hero. 

How I manage frictions and jealousy in the industry 

Unbelievable as it might sound, I cry and remain calm about it. It will pass eventually. 

I stay online most of the time 

And that’s except when I am in transit or in a city with zero to bad WIFI. I have a team of people who work relentlessly to make sure work is done. Since I started the brand years ago, I have been able to put a structure in place where work goes on even when I am not around. 

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