2019: Jerry Gana Declares for Presidency, Says he is Clean


Oghenevwede Ohwovoriole in Abuja

Former Minister of information and Culture, Prof. Jerry Gana, has declared his intention to contest the 2019 presidential election under the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Making his intention known yesterday in Abuja, he stated that he is a ‘’clean and unblemished Nigerian’’ who had served in different capacities in government until 2006.

According to him, “If since 2006, when I left government till date nothing incriminating was found against me and now that I have declared my intention to contest for the office of the President things crops up, it is purely blackmail.”

He stated that the insecurity situation in the country is unprecedented, saying the present federal government lacks the capacity to handle it.

Gana added, “There is a crippling uncertainty everywhere; people are suffering, unprecedented and untold hardship as a result of arrested development. Insecurity that has rendered human life brutish, short and nasty is rampant across the zones, state, communities and villages.

‘’Asymmetric war on corruption is fuelling further ethical decadence; while anxiety, patriotism and poverty have collapsed into a creepy epidemic of self-doubt. In all of this, the current leadership of the nation, at the highest level of government, seems unconcerned, incompetent or incapable of turning around the drift.”
He also said that his desire to seek election to the highest office in the land was born out of his patriotic zeal and conviction that his pedigree, skills and experience can turn things around for Nigerians and Nigeria.

He further stated, “My desire to seek to contest the election into the highest political office in our country is not motivated by a quest glorification nor aggrandizement; it is born out my patriotic zeal and conviction that my pedigree, experience, skills and academic endowment, I can provide the requisite leadership to transform the fortunes of our people and change the trajectory of our country towards the attainment of our fullest potentials.”
The National Deputy Chairman of SDP, Dr. Abdul Ahmed Ishaq, who received Prof. Gana’s expression of interest on behalf of the national Chairman Chief Olu False; said that he was glad receiving Prof. Gana as the first presidential aspirant in the party to make known his intention to contest for the office of President under the platform of the SDP.

He said that it is with warmed heart felt that he received the interest form from Gana on behalf of the party’s national Chairman who would have been at the event but for the election in Ekiti.