CIPRMP Honours Cornfield Group Boss


Ayodeji Ake

Governing council, Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics (CIPRMP), Ghana, has inducted the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Cornfield Group, Babatope Agbeyo, into its Fellowship Hall of Fame. The recognition was for his commitment in promoting national and international economic productivity and contributions towards national development.

At the induction, the institute’s Vice President, Babatunde Akinsanya, said Agbeyo is one of the greatest Nigerian business leaders that have transformed the economic landscape of not less than three continents of the world.

He said, “Agbeyo has a record that one can emulate to restore Africa back to its rightful position in global arena. We can authoritatively assert that this illustrious individual is an uncommon professional of excellence, a pace setter and an embodiment of resourceful development initiative in Nigeria and Africa precisely.”

Akinsanya explained that the institute has unanimously selected Agbeyo as one of the five awardees for the 2018 roll call of honours, as a result of his phenomenal and exemplary statesmanship contributions to enhance Africa economic growth.

“We are very proud to celebrate with one of your renowned establishments, Botosoft Technologies Limited, the recent historic approval and acceptability of its ICT services in Kenya; this is another ground breaking attestation of your professional competence,” he noted.

Responding, Agbeyo promised not to tarnish his image and also not to disappoint the institute and millions around the Africa continent who look up to him. “Our incorruptible nature as an organisation is a very difficult decision that we are very glad to make considering the environment where we operate and maintaining a clean record is very difficult but easy once it becomes part of you,” he said.