I did promise during the week to speak about events off the field here in Russia. The delay in coming was partly because the topic was overtaken by Nigeria’s defeat in the hands of perennial conquerors-Argentina.

The inability of Super Eagles to survive ‘ordinary last five minutes’ in the clash with the Albiceleste in St Petersburg Stadium, expectedly, created so much fury and vibes here and elsewhere. And so, my promise of ‘blasting’ extra curricular activities around the Nigerian camp, had to be put on hold. But now that the coast is clear, here is the gist.

Over the years, Nigerians are known around the world to be big spenders in taking good care of themselves. Those with deep pockets don’t make pretence when it comes to pampering. But the trip to Russia this summer, appears, a different ball game.

Some of the NPFL club administrators and FA chairmen who were part of the stakeholders in town for the Mundial, could not reenact the usual boisterous atmosphere associated with this group of Nigerians. Reason was that there was no free money to throw around. Was it because of the exchange rates back home or the inability of the NFF to do the usual ‘Father Christmas Summer Bazaar’ every four years? Now, daggers are out, with these stakeholders, waiting for the NFF elections to hold in Katsina in September. What happens between now and in the next three months when the congress will take place will decide whether Amaju Melvin Pinnick will end the jinx of no NFF president doing a second term in office. The World Cup year which is also an elective congress one, apart from being a distraction for the Super Eagles, has become the place where battle for the coveted office usually start in the host country of the Mundial. Russia has not proved otherwise in this sad commentary on the administration of football in Nigeria.


Body no bi wood is a popular jingo in the country. It is a term used mostly on the street in reference to promiscuous activities of men (or women?) on short trips outside their homes. Lascivious men have been on raunchy escapades around town here despite initial warnings to Russian women not to get pregnant for foreigners.

A Nigerian who has been resident in St Petersburg for a couple of years has been smiling to the bank counting the cool cash he is making pimping for some of the randy visitors from Naija here for the Mundial.

One middle age Nigerian was heard haggling price with the guy in one of the hotels most stakeholders of the Nigerian football congress were quartered. The guy stuck to his $200 (about N72,000) asking price for the two hour service to be provided by these young ladies from parts of eastern Europe. Those who could not afford to satisfy their lustful quests at that price, make do with going to strip clubs for a fee of 500 Russian roubles (about N3,000). One Nigerian topflight club secretary was often seen enjoying his drinks in the midst of these girls in one of the strip clubs not far from Corinthians Hotel where Eagles stayed for the clash with Argentina in St Petersburg